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Only Pretzel-Shaped Retractor in the North American Market; Ideal for Large Organs

Jan 31, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 31, 2013 – CareFusion Corp. (NYSE: CFN), a leading, global medical technology company, today unveiled the only pretzel-shaped laparoscopic retractor in the North American market, which aids in minimally invasive surgeries.  

The new Snowden-Pencer® pretzel-shaped laparoscopic retractor provides a large surface area that is ideal for retracting, or moving, large organs and other structures to provide greater visualization and access to the surgery site. The unique shape also provides additional strength compared to traditional retractor shapes. The new retractor features the same 5mm shaft as all Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic retractors to help ensure smaller incisions.

“The new pretzel retractor provides surgeons with a strong retractor that covers more surface area and provides better access as well as visualization of surgical sites,” said Andreas Lex, vice president and general manager of V. Mueller® and Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments for CareFusion. “This new addition to our line of laparoscopic instruments gives surgeons more choice in selecting the right retractors for their procedures.”

The innovative design requires minimum space inside the surgical site to form into the pretzel shape, which is easily achieved through turning the knob on the handle. The pretzel retractor complements the current line of Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic articulating retractors, which features angled, hooked, circular and triangular shapes. The new pretzel retractor can also be used with the Snowden-Pencer Fast Clamp system, which holds endoscopic instruments in place during a procedure – potentially reducing the need for additional personnel in the operating room.

For more information on the new pretzel-shaped retractor, visit http://www.carefusion.com/medical-products/surgical/surgical-instruments/.

About CareFusion Corporation
CareFusion (NYSE: CFN) is a global corporation serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve the safety and quality of care. The company develops market-leading technologies including Alaris® infusion pumps, Pyxis® automated dispensing and patient identification systems, AVEA®, AirLife™ and LTV® series ventilation and respiratory products, ChloraPrep® products, MedMined® services for data mining surveillance, V. Mueller® surgical instruments, and an extensive line of products that support interventional medicine. CareFusion employs more than 15,000 people across its global operations. More information may be found at www.carefusion.com.

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