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Automates medication management, maximizes medication security

Dec 3, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 03, 2012 – CareFusion Corp. (NYSE: CFN), a leading, global medical technology company, today launched two new products that automate medication management in the operating room (OR) and procedural areas.

The Pyxis® Anesthesia ES system and the Pyxis® Anesthesia system 4000 help securely store and dispense medication within the OR and procedural areas. Pyxis Anesthesia ES system extends the value of the Pyxis® ES platform, and Pyxis Anesthesia system 4000 sets a foundation for future migration, because both systems use the same new hardware technology. The innovative hardware helps maximize medication security and storage capacity with an advanced biometric access system and a variety of drawer types —including a new controlled access drawer for larger, high-risk medications like propofol. A new 2D barcode scanner enhances patient safety and supports best practice barcode-based system replenishment.

The systems also support rapid access to medications and supplies. The systems securely store items in the OR and procedure rooms where they are needed and offer customizable workflows specifically designed for anesthesia providers. The systems electronically capture information on medication removals, wastes and charges, reducing time-consuming manual tasks. The systems also help protect providers against unauthorized access to controlled substances with secure pockets that safely store medication that is prepared in advance of a case. Through a combination of innovative hardware and software capabilities, the systems help support hospital compliance efforts with The Joint Commission and regulatory requirements for secure medication management.

“The new Pyxis Anesthesia systems offer the latest technology to help maximize medication safety, security and workflow efficiency,” said Rusty Frantz, senior vice president and general manager of Dispensing Technologies for CareFusion. “In addition, the centralized management capabilities through the Pyxis ES platform create many efficiencies for both the hospital pharmacy and the hospital IT staff.”

From the perspective of an anesthesia provider, the new clinical workflows help keep the focus on the patient and make it faster, easier and safer for providers to care for surgical patients. This includes simplifying the selection process to remove medication and the process for transitioning anesthesia providers. The improved user interface makes finding patient information faster, provides alerts for patients with the same last name and enhances visibility to medications removed for patients outside of the OR and procedural areas. From the perspective of the hospital pharmacy, consistent with the Pyxis ES platform, the user interface has been redesigned and tasks consolidated to increase pharmacy workflow efficiency in managing medication.   

The Pyxis Anesthesia ES system is powered by the Pyxis® Enterprise Server, which can integrate with other health IT systems, such as the pharmacy information system.  A benefit of this integration is one synchronized formulary across the entire health system, which can be customized as needed for a particular hospital. The system can also integrate with Active Directory enabling the information technology department to manage user access and the hospital pharmacy to focus on managing user privileges. Integration improves consistency and simplifies system management, enhancing efficiency.

About CareFusion Corporation
CareFusion (NYSE: CFN) is a global corporation serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve the safety and quality of care. The company develops market-leading technologies including Alaris® infusion pumps, Pyxis®automated dispensing and patient identification systems, AVEA®, AirLife™ and LTV® series ventilation and respiratory products, ChloraPrep® products, MedMined® services for data mining surveillance, V. Mueller® surgical instruments, and an extensive line of products that support interventional medicine. CareFusion employs more than 15,000 people across its global operations. More information may be found at www.carefusion.com.

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